How it works

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What to expect from me

I endeavour to leave your property just as I found it and for that reason I use suitable table and floor coverings to eliminate accidental spillages and catch hair clippings. I also provide a height adjustable chair to enable me to work over you at the correct height but if you have a suitable chair of your own it can be used if preferred. Towels, electrical equipment and chemical products are also items I come equipped with.

What I ask of you

Working in a home environment will never be quite the same as working in a specifically designed salon, in order to make the experience feasible and comfortable I just ask of a few things from you. I require a well lit space with plenty of room for me to manoeuvre right around you on a chair . If you are having your hair washed we can use a sink or bath, I have a shower attachment designed to fit dual taps or if you have a shower fitting over the bath I have found this to be the easiest method. If on the rare occasion the above criteria cannot be met I will be unable to carry out your appointment.